Hi Hun! How do you do your eye make up ?! Always looks gorgeous xx

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Hi! On my “Sophie’s Essentials” Page you can see everything thats in my make-up bag! The only thing that isn’t on there is my Bobbi Brown eye shadow. I have a white shimmer, Light & Dark brown xxx

At the moment I’m obsessed in making smoothies & Juices, They literally take 5 minutes to make and are really handy when you’re in a rush! I usually have one most mornings. 

Some people think that smoothies are really healthy but some smoothies can be too high in sugar which isn’t good for you, so I try and add in some spinach or kale instead of too much fruit! 

It may seem really obvious but before someone showed me, I had NO idea how to make one, so I thought I would give you a little demonstration for those like me who didn’t have a clue! The one I made today is Apple, Blueberry & Spinach. It’s a great energy booster and although spinach isn’t really something most people want to be drinking, it’s really good for you!  I’ll be doing a few more so don’t worry if this one isn’t for you, I’m sure we will find one that is!! 

Enjoy x

If you don’t have a smoothie maker, mine is Kenwood and came with this great Smoothie to go flask! You can purchase it HERE 

Your hair is amazing! How do you curl it? I'd love to something similar for my prom x

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Hey! Thank you, If you go to my “Sophie’s essentials” Page you can see the exact curlers I use. One tip - Always curl outwards not inwards xx xxxx

Hi huni I'm always looking at your pics love your style and was wondering what's your suggestions for Ibiza this year thanks😘xx

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Hey! Ibiza is very casual, I wouldn’t recommend anything too dressy. When i went last year,In the day wore bikinis & Kaftans, Zara do really nice matching Kaftans and shorts, On a night i would wear high waisted shorts with crop tops or matching sets. I got a few nice pairs from Topshop last year. You could take the odd dress but I also found people didn’t really wear heals, to get around that as I’m a short ass i took 1 pair of comfy wedges. I would also stock up on some flower head bands, just think colour & prints. I would also take a few gold necklaces to pair with your clothes to spruce them up. I will do an Ibiza fashion blog in the next month or so! xxx

I totally loooove your style. Huge fan of it and your music ✌️💗

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Thats so sweet of you, i’m recording my own cover next week so ill put it up as soon as its ready! mwa xxxx