So this is what I did today!!


Stingray city is one of those weird and wonderful places! Everything about it feels so strange and wrong but it’s so amazing at the same time! I have been so many times and as your in the middle of the sea its hard to take photos or even videos but this time I braved it and brought my famous iPhone into the sea so I can share with you how amazing it is and boy was it worth it!! What is stingray city you ask? Well, Loads of tourists everyday go on guided tours, or on private boats, into the middle of the sea to a sandbank, where the water is just 2-4 feet deep, so even non-swimmers can stand in the shallow water! You get out of your boats and you can stroke and feed the stingrays, I was SO scared when I first tried it but it’s actually really fun. They are very friendly and feel like wet mushrooms!This is a MUST when going to the Cayman Islands!